Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beauty Sleep Concept not a Myth : Study

Want to look attractive and healthy, the best thing you can do is get a good night’s sleep, say researchers, backing the “beauty sleep” concept.

A new study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has found people who have a good night’s sleep, around 8 hours daily, look more beautiful and healthy than those who don’t.

For the study, researcher’s recruited 23 healthy adults aged 18 to 31 -- all young enough to get away with the odd bad night. The subjects were photographed after some 8 hours of sleep and again after being kept awake for 31 hours after a few hours’ sleep.

The pictures were shown to 65 untrained observers, who ranked them on a scale of how healthy, attractive or sleep-deprived the subjects looked. Those who went short of sleep were rated as less healthy and scored an average of 63 points, compared to 68 points after a full night’s sleep.

They were also seen as more tired and less attractive, leading the researchers to conclude that there really is such a thing as beauty sleep.

“The concept of beauty sleep has lacked scientific support, but the biological importance of sleep may have favored a sensitivity to perceive sleep-related cues in others.

“Sleep disorders are increasingly common in today’s 24-hour society and often co-exist with some common health problems, such as hypertension and inflammatory conditions,” the researchers were quoted by the ‘Daily Express’ as saying.
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