Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Does Staying Healthy Mean To You?

In the United States there are many citizens who die due to life threatening illnesses. Many of whom could have been saved if they had just had medical insurance and received preventive or necessary treatments. Health insurance should not be a luxury that is available only to the rich and famous, but the right of every single citizen in our country.

There is a need for a new awareness, to become conscious of the decisions we make regarding our health, to preserve our lives instead of destroying them. Medical conditions such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke and other vascular diseases are most of the time a product of our lifestyles.

Essential to our survival is becoming conscious of our decisions about how we treat our bodies to stay healthy. Would that come to pass our medical expenses would decrease dramatically as medical care would be only for the occasional disease or illness.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to Save Money by Getting Cheap Dental Insurance

Taking care of your teeth and going to the dentist can be exclusive. Having low cost affordable dental insurance can help to reduce the cost of regular visits and getting major dental surgery. First you can take advantage of getting dental insurance quotes online.

Next you want to talk to the human resource person at your employer and see if they offer an affordable dental insurance plan. You want to compare your employers plan and what you can get in the open market. In many cases you will save money with your works group plan. Also it can be easy because they can take it out of your pay just like your health insurance.

Having work done at the dentist can be expensive and there is a great need to have dental insurance coverage plans. You want to compare price before making a decision on which insurance you will go with. It is important to also make sure the coverage gives enough options so if you need major work it is covered as well.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anthem’s SmartSense Health Plans

SmartSense health plans are a portfolio of affordable health insurance plans for individuals offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Monthly premiums for SmartSense can be less than $50 per month for an individual (single Male in Ohio, age 27) if a high deductible ($10,000) is selected. If a $2,500 deductible is chosen the monthly rate would be just over $60/mo.

Some of the highlights of SmartSense plan include:
  • A wide range of deductibles to choose from
  • Access to a large network of doctors and hospitals
  • No referrals or paper work needed
  • Prescription drug benefits
  • Online health support
  • One of the most trusted names in health insurance
Just an example of high quality and affordable health insurance that can be found if you take a few minutes to shop around. You can compare health insurance quotes right here at in less than 5 minutes.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fixed Annuities, The New Savings Accounts for your Future?

Fixed annuities are the new savings accounts for the insurance world. When you decide to invest in annuities with your insurance agent, you are agreeing to make payments over time which the agent, in turn, invests on your behalf. The fixed annuities you’ve invested in will gain interest over the years and can accumulate in cash value until the predetermined date you have selected to start receiving your pay-out.

There are five main types of fixed annuities. They are scheduled below with a brief introduction to each:
  1. Single-year guarantee fixed annuitiesWith this type your insurer guarantees to pay you a specific interest rate for one year which they can raise or lower each year after until the contract ends with what are called “renewal rates.”
  2. Multi-year guarantee fixed annuitiesHere your carrier guarantees a specific interest rate for multiple years which cannot be raised or lowered.
  3. Market value-adjusted fixed annuitiesPerhaps the most risky and unpredictable venture, this variety is based on the market which is beyond your control and could lead to higher rates.
  4. Pass-through rate fixed annuities With this your provider receives a percentage of your fixed annuities and you will be paid the remainder of the interest earned.
  5. Floating rate fixed annuitiesHere the interest rates vary from month to month and collect value according to the fluctuation rates.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

What Should a Best Health Insurance Policy Cover?

An insurance policy is very significant for anybody these days since these policies ensure that your hospital bills are paid for you. There are many policies in the market out of which some policies are better than the other.

The best health insurance policy you choose should cover a large amount of the total payable amount. The co payment that you will need to pay depends on factors like your premium, your age and your medical history. Ideally a good health insurance policy cover should pay at least 60% of the total bill amount for a reasonable premium every year. The premium you pay will also depend on your age and medical history. If you have heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other health problems then you will have to pay a high premium.

A good health insurance policy cover should have an affordable premium and many benefits. If you are looking for a cheap policy then you may need to get in touch with the insurance company directly so that they can work out an installment plan for you. It is recommended to compare prices and benefits offered by at least 3 health insurance companies before making a decision.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Companies Are Affording Consumer-Directed Health Insurance Plans

The number of employers offering consumer-directed health insurance plans continues to grow. However, those companies that are most effective at controlling health care costs are combining these plans with other health-related strategy. Those are among the major findings in an annual survey conducted by Watson Wyatt Worldwide and the National Business Group on Health.

"Curbing health care cost increases is a mystery for employers, and consumer-directed health plans are only one piece," said Ted Nussbaum, Watson Wyatt's director of group and health care consulting in North America. "Employers can offer these plans, but it takes more than that to get employees to enroll. Filling in the missing pieces of quality, health management and education will not only help employers solve the puzzle, but also make these plans more attractive to employees."

In addition, employers that employ CDHPs as part of a broader health improvement strategy have made greater inroads into controlling health cost increases. Companies that are best at controlling costs are more focused on adopting approaches that involve quality, health improvement and productivity, data and evidence, and the appropriate use of health care services.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

College Student Health Insurance Coverage in California

The growing cost of education and hard times in the economy has made getting health insurance a challenge for college students, especially in high-cost California. Fortunately, many schools have options available that may allow students to decrease their healthcare expenses and improve their healthcare coverage.

All California community colleges have a health care center on campus. They provide low cost or free basic health services such as immunizations and treatment of minor ailments to any registered community college student, including those who are uninsured.

As with community colleges, all California State University (CSU) campus has student health centers that are paid for by CSU registration fees. The CSU student health centers also provide basic healthcare such as immunizations and treatment of minor illnesses for low cost.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Health Insurance to Prevent During Financial Tragedy

No substance what your age, health challenges can take us to surprise. You can be healthy today and tomorrow be in the hospital. While in the hospital, your bill can grow to the point that you cannot afford to pay that bill without the help of health insurance. Insurance can help to protect your savings and allow you to get the care you need.

On the other hand, sickness sometimes comes on quickly. We are exposed to thousands of germs and other pathogens every day. Many times our immune system is able to fight them off, but on occasion, one works its way into our body and suddenly we require medical treatment.

On top of all of this, add in the possibility of accidents. If you are working around the home, a fall can cause broken bones that require surgery to repair. Deep cuts or other injuries can require time in the hospital.

All of these incidents can keep us from our jobs, which is financially devastating enough, it also causing us to accumulate medical bills. Health insurance can help to keep the charges under control.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Elusive Affordable Health Insurance Coverage for Individuals and Business

Business owners are particularly feeling for the pinch of higher health insurance costs, as many believe that to have good employees; they need to be offered health insurance. This means that less and less businesses are able to offer health insurance to their employees.

Legislators are proposing bills that help to cover children in low-income families across the state, which many see as a positive step in the right direction. This also more confirms my personal belief that, if we are to have universal health insurance coverage, it'll have to be done on a state level if it's to be effective.

The Small Business CHOICE Act would help to make health insurance more affordable for employees by offering tax breaks and buying pools which would help make it easier to find affordable health insurance coverage as well as take the risk out of insuring small businesses in the first place.

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