Friday, June 11, 2010

Health and Wellness Tips

Wellness and health are two important essential aspects of life. Wellness can be attained, only if you are physically and mentally fit. Follow these simple steps, which can go a long way to improve your wellness, without impeding on your daily routine too much.

Try to do things manually
Try to do something manually instead of using the automated option available to you. Like climbing the stairs instead of catching the lift or an elevator. If you can, walk to work, or take a stroll during your lunch break, it can be one of the best options to stay fit. Even installing software that reminds you on the hour to get up from your desk and stretch will help improve your wellness.

Consume loads of water
Drink loads of water. Everyone of us has heard it before, but not many of us actually put it into practice but it is life's essential liquid, so getting your share is extremely important. Bottle of water on your desk can help you in getting adequate amount of water.

Include fruits in your diet
Consuming fruits daily is also one of the healthy habits. At least 3-5 fruits should be eaten a day to get all the essential nutrients required for the body. Moreover, fruits if eaten raw or consumed as fresh juice, are excellent ways to balance moisture level in a body.
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