Friday, February 12, 2010

Invisible Health Hazards of Mobile Phones!

Mobile phones are used by almost everybody today. Kids, adults, old people, all are using mobile phones. But are we aware about the dangers these mobile phones cause to our health? Scientists have proved that mobile phones affect the organs of the body.
  • The electromagnetic radiations that radiate from a mobile phone are known to affect the pacemaker, S.A node of the heart and affect the rhythmic heartbeat.
  • They interfere with the impulses which the S.A node produce.
  • These radiations also are known to affect the neurons in the brain. The radiations interfere with the electrical impulses that two neurons connect each other with.
  • So when you are talking on the phone, with the phone placed around the ear, the neurons around the ear get affected. This can lead to deafness and migraines.
  • The phones placed in the front pockets can affect the heart leading to arhythmic heartbeats.
  • These radiations have been known to affect the foetus in pregnancy.
Steps to prevent or reduce these hazards!
  1. Always make sure the phones are kept in not your front pockets but in the pockets of your trousers or pants, away from the heart. specially when using pace-makers.
  2. Avoid using vibration mode of the mobile phone.
  3. If possible use hands-free or loudspeakers on your phone.
  4. Avoid overuse of mobile phones.
  5. Use landlines more than mobile phones if possible.
  6. Buy mobile phones from reputed companies.
  7. Faulty mobile phones should be repaired soon.
  8. Avoid using mobile phones during pregnancy.
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