Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Habits For Healthy Eyes

Everyone wants to have healthy eyes and in short healthy body. For getting healthy body, you do so many things like dieting and doing regular exercises. In similar way there are certain things that you can do to make sure that you have healthy eyes. There are some good habits for healthy eyes that you will need to follow in order to have healthy eyes.

1. Say no to alcohol – Alcohol is not good for your eyes, stomach, liver, and kidneys. In short it is not at all good for you. Alcohol affects the proper blood circulation and also put pressure on the thin capillaries. So please stay away from drinking alcohol.

2. Avoid Smoking – Smoking can cause Amblyopia in you, which is a eye condition which affects the normal vision of your eyes. When you smoke, your body uses oxygen present inside body and this causes shortage of oxygen in your blood. It in turn affects the retina of the eyes and also damages the optic nerves.

3. Say no to tobacco – The tobacco consumption reduces the vitamin B12 present inside your body and thus affects the normal functioning of the optic nerve. Hence good habits for healthy eyes mainly include no alcohol, no smoking and no tobacco.

4. Prevent your eyes from becoming dry. This you can do by taking care of your eyes by protecting them from sunrays. Also blink your eyes often while reading, or typing on computer. Try to keep your eyes moist by taking good care of them.

5. When you are outdoors wear sunglasses to protect your eyes form harsh ultra violet rays. Hide your eyes with the help of a hat. You can also carry an umbrella to protect yourself from getting sunburns.

6. If you put eye makeup, then make sure that you remove the eye makeup before sleeping. If you sleep with the eye makeup on, the chemicals present in the makeup products may causes damage to your eyes.

7. If you wear contact lenses, then take care to follow all the rules that your doctor has mentioned you. Make sure that you remove contacts while sleeping. Also take precaution while putting the contact lenses; wash your hands with soap before putting the contacts.

8. Eat good nutrient food so that your eyes gets the required quota of vitamins, minerals and other necessary things like zinc, magnesium, etc. Vitamin A, C, E and B all are needed for having good eyesight. So include the food groups that contain these vitamins in your food.

9. Proper rest is must for having healthy eyes. You should sleep for about 8 hours in order to prepare yourself for the next day. Lead a stress free life as much possible, as this will prevent you from getting dark circles.
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