Friday, November 26, 2010

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Eyes are vital and beautiful parts of our body particularly the facial part. It improves the beauty of face and gives it a pleasant personality. Eye bags are the result of fluid retention caused by poor circulation of blood in the body. People, who eat too much salty foods, consume alcohol and don’t take proper sleep, suffer with eye bags disorders. Followings are some effective home remedies for dark circles.

Eat Spinach and Cucumber:
Both are very essential home remedies for bags under eyes. It is medically certified that Vitamin K deficiency in body causes bags under eyes. Spinach is good source of vitamin K and therefore, adequate consumption of this green leafy vegetable gives you effective treatment to eye bags.

In addition, applying pieces of cucumber on the affected eyes skin would bring potential depletion in eye bags.  Potato could also be used as an alternative.
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