Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dental Care Tips

Following a good oral hygiene process will help to protect your teeth free from germs and decays. Proper brushing of teeth at least twice a day and visiting your Dentist once in six months ensure stronger and healthy teeth.

Let us know walk through some of the dental related issues and how to overcome them.

Get Rid of Yellow Teeth
Yellow teeth may be caused due to excessive intake of tea, coffee or smoking. If left unattended it will spread and also cause damage to your teeth. If the condition is milder one can use Tooth Whitening pastes (tooth pastes), Tooth whitening chewing gums etc. One can also buy the dental strips available in pharmacies. If the condition is severe one has to consult a Dentist for a proper and effective treatment.

Prevent Tooth Decay
Tooth Decay or Dental Cavities is one of the most common dental problems. This condition needs immediate medical care else would result in further damage to tooth, spreading to other tooth or tooth-loss. Tooth decay is common among all ages. Individuals suffering from Tooth Decay experience acute pain (sometimes accompanied by headache). It is caused due to excessive intake of sugar or sweets. One has to visit a doctor who would treat it after the analyzing the tooth condition.

Toothache Relief
Toothache refers to pain in tooth which is caused due to dental cavities, cracked tooth or gum disease. One can avoid this by following the oral hygiene process. When you have toothache you could drink some orange or lemon juice, keep a clove seed in your mouth, and rinse your mouth with warm water along with a pinch of salt. Pain Killer drugs like Aspirin are also effective in tooth ache relief however one should consult a Dentist for a proper and effective treatment to get relief from Tooth ache.
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