Sunday, April 25, 2010

8 Tips For Relaxing Your Body and Your Mind!

1. Deep breathing
Take a 30 second deep breath so it feels like you are blowing up your stomach and then close eyes and breathe out

2. Yawning!
Yawning is a good stress reliever too. It helps to relax the jaw muscles and bring more oxygen into the brain!

3. Massaging
Slightly massage your shoulders, neck, feet with your hands or a massager. Touch has been proven to not only help calm your nerves but it also lowers your blood pressure.

4. Place a warm cloth over face with your eyes closed.
Sense the warmth that melts your stress away.

5. Music
Listen to relaxing and uplifting music. Even though you only have time for one song, it really gives your mind and spirit a positive break.

6. 30 second vacation.
Using your mind visualize a relaxing place and recall the wonderful thoughts and feelings.

7. Relaxing shower or bath.
Get pleasure from the calming effect of the water and the solitude.

8. Yoga, meditation, Chi-gong or Tai Chi stretches
These ancient techniques stimulate our energy fields to calm our mind, body, reduce stress and boost our immune system.
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