Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Treating Low Blood Pressure / Hypotension

When your blood pressure level goes down below the usual limit the condition is called low blood pressure. In such a situation blood flowing action to your heart through arteries becomes weak. People suffering from low blood pressure can experience the fatigue, continuous lethargy, dizziness, weakness etc. Deficiency of proper nutrition or losing blood etc can cause your low blood pressure level.

• For curing low blood pressure problem Indian spikenard (herb) is also quite useful. Mixture of cinnamon, Indian spikenard & camphor can give you some relief.

• Till your blood pressure reach the normal level you can also include some salty foods in your diet & also consume salt water (1/2 tsp salt) on a daily basis.

• Beetroot juice has been identified to be beneficial for treating your low blood pressure level. Daily consumption of one cup juice can give you some effective result.

• As an effective remedy for low blood pressure vitamin B group, protein, vitamin C are found to be beneficial. Make sure that your diet is comprised of all the important nutrients to solve your problem.

• Epsom salt bath has also been recommended for treating low blood pressure problem. In normal hot bath water pour Epsom salt (1-1 ½ kg). Lie down within the water for almost 10-20 minutes. You can do this process before going to bed & make sure that you are protecting yourself from getting cold.
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