Friday, March 19, 2010

Health Benefits of Strawberry

The strawberry is the most popular berry fruit in the world.They are used as one of the major ingredients in a number of food items like ice creams, milkshakes, smoothies, pies, yogurts, and so on. The fruit not only tastes extremely delicious, it also packs a lot of nutritional value within itself, according the consumers a large number of health benefits.

Health and Nutrition Benefits of Eating Strawberries

  • Rubbing a cut strawberry on teeth and gums helps remove tartar, apart from strengthening and healing the gums.
  • Since strawberries are rich in fiber, they help the body in absorbing nutrients.
  • Strawberries are good for diabetics, as they help stabilize the level of blood glucose.
  • Strawberries are said to help in regulating blood pressure and thus, diminishing the risk of heart disease.
  • Strawberries have been associated with inhibiting the production of cholesterol in the liver.
  • Strawberries have been known to help the body in getting rid of harmful toxins.
  • The high antioxidant levels in strawberries can help the body neutralize the destructive effects of free radicals.
  • The potassium in strawberries helps regulate the electrolytes in the body, in turn lowering the risk of stroke.

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