Sunday, February 13, 2011

iPod addicts may become Deaf

A new study conducted by Dr. Tony Kay, an audiologist, has unveiled that teenagers listening to loud music for long periods by using iPod can turn them into deaf in later years of life.

He explained that such youngsters are at high risk of suffering from tinnitus and thus are prone to deafness in later stages of life. Tinnitus is a hearing problem in which continuous ringing in ears occurs. Mr. Kay claimed that the number of young people suffering from hearing ailments is continuously increasing.

Mr. Kay explained that the people who are regular commuters usually set the volume of their audio players at high levels to snuff the background noise and that volume is high to reach the ears of the people sitting three seats away from them. He added that since last two decades the number of teenagers and youngsters in their early twenties suffering from hearing complications has increased.

According to Kay, by reducing the time of listening to the music through headphones or earphones, reducing the volume of music player, the risk of getting hearing problem can be minimized.

Mr. Kay said, “Youngsters who listen to music on personal music players do not understand the damage they are causing. In the last two decades we have seen more people in their late teens and early 20s with tinnitus because they have been exposed to music that is too loud.”
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