Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diet Soda increases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke : Study

New research has found that drinking diet soda may in fact be unsafe; increasing you risk of suffering cardiac events such as heart attacks or strokes.

Researchers led by Hannah Gardener of the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine did a study on more than 2,500 people, focusing on the impact that drinking diet soda had on their health. The idea was to see if it had any health impact, especially on those who consumed daily. What researchers found is that diet soda may be indeed dangerous and unsafe to consume.

They discovered that those who consumed diet soda on a daily basis were 61% more likely to suffer vascular events, and 48% more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke. This research is something that is clearly going to worry many of those who drink diet soft each and every day.

Researchers have stressed though that this study does not prove anything in regards to a link between diet soda and heart attacks or strokes. The belief is that the increased risk could be due to poor lifestyles of these people who consume diet soda every day. They could be smokers, consume alcohol, have poor diets, etc.

Future studies will look into whether or not diet soda has any real impact on the development of these diseases.
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