Thursday, May 20, 2010

Basic Health Tips

There are various health tips. Some help in weight loss while others help in disease prevention and some help in toning of muscles. Some common health tips that are simple to follow for everyone and help in attaining healthy body are as follows:

Eat enough food: Do not overeat as this may lead to weight gain as well as indigestion. Add green leafy vegetable and fruit to your food. Boil, roast or grill your food rather than fry. Use less salt. Avoid eating at odd hours or eating junk food. Wash your hands before and after eating your food. Before eating, wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly so as to remove any dirt or chemical.

Drink at least eight glasses of water daily: This keeps body well-hydrated and helps in easy digestion of food. This prevents constipation and provides essential minerals and vitamins. Drink clean water that is not contaminated or infected. If required, drink boiled water. Avoid chilled water from freezer, instead drink cool water.

Exercise daily: There is no need to do vigorous or strenuous exercises. Start slowly and then speed up whatever exercise you opt for. Do simple exercises. Even walking regularly can make a lot of difference. Walking, swimming, cycling, running are some of the easy exercises that can be undertaken by anyone. For specialized exercises, it is wiser to exercise under guidance of a trainer.

Get good sleep: Sleep is important to let body recoup its energy. A person should get a good sleep of at least six (aim for 8 to 9) hours at night. Try to relax and take rest whenever possible.

Engage in some hobby: Keep yourself busy so as to stay away from negative thoughts. Negative thoughts affects both mind and body leading to overall deterioration of health. Read some good books, take up gardening, go to some religious place or listen to some soothing music. Try to remain cheerful and happy. Mingle with people and engage in some community service.
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