Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beetroot Juice boosts Performance in Athletes

According to a recent study conducted in the University of Exeter in UK, it has been revealed that beetroot juice is an energy powerhouse and it can make wonders happen. It is an energy booster that can help the performance of the athletes. With the help of this wonder juice there has been a recorded improvement seen in the performances of athletes.

In the era where athletes take all the pains to work hard and practice, and drink protein shakes to make themselves fit and energetic, beetroot juice comes as a one stop solution for the health and agility of mind, health and the body.

The reason behind this is supposed to be the nitrates that are present in the super veggie these nitrates, when reacted with the body, form nitric oxides, which helps the athlete, perform better at their events. In races where the difference even of a few seconds might mean a win or a loss, beetroot juice can make the difference.

Researcher Professor Andrew Jones said: ‘This is the first time we’ve studied the effects of beetroot juice, and the high nitrite levels found in it, on simulated competition”.

He further added, “These findings show an improvement in performance that, at competition level, could make a real difference – particularly in an event like the Tour de France where winning margins can be tight”.
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