Thursday, December 9, 2010

Purple Fruits could Ward Off Alzheimer’s Disease

Purple- fruits like blueberries and green tea can help the body fight against age-related ailments like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis, a study has recommended. The constituents contained in these products that resist these diseases are iron chelators, a form of nutrients that stick closely to the body’s metallic substance.

The study suggests that iron, if not bound tightly, may result in the body producing free radical toxins. Such toxins, it is believed, may be the cause behind degenerative diseases.

Lead researcher of the study, Prof. Douglas Kell, from the University of Manchester, said: “Much of modern biology has been concerned with the role of different genes in human disease. The importance of iron may have been missed because there is no gene for iron as such”.

In addition, Prof. Douglas said that what he had highlighted in this research was therefore a crucial area for further investigations, as many simple predictions followed from his analysis.

Therefore, the researchers are of the opinion that eating bright colored fruits, especially blueberries, and green tea intake could keep the aforesaid diseases away.

In this connection, the Director of research at the charity Parkinson's UK, Kieran Breen, said that eating a balanced diet, including lots of fruit and vegetables of all colors, was important for everybody, and not just people with Parkinson's, and this paper reinforced this message.
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